Merlin D'Souza

soul yatra

Weaving magic with her music, Merlin D'Souza instantly has everybody under her spell. With loads of talent, she adds her own brand of originality to every piece she composes. Her music is mystical and mercurial with parts of soulful seductiveness, poetic genius, feminine intuitiveness and occasionally 'Merlincholic'. Familiarity breeds contempt, she says, and elegantly side steps the tried and tested path. Instead, there emerges from her keyboard something fresh and exciting. { more }

Featured Album : Soul Yatra

soul yatra

The eternal journey of the soul, in the words of composer and pianist Merlin, is what best describes the feeling behind her new instrumental studio record.

Charting a soundscape that fuses raga influenced melodic lines, Indian rhythm patterns, groovy arrangements and oodles of fluid piano work, Soul Yatra also features guest performances by the likes of Taufeeq Quereshi, Rakesh Chaurasia, Mukul Dongre, Karl Peters, and Vivienne Pocha. { more }

Indo-Jazz fusion band

soul yatra

Soul Yatra is Merlin’s Indo-Jazz fusion band which has performed internationally and all over the country. Merlin and Soul Yatra have toured South East Asia for the Hennessey X.O. Jazz tour.

Soul Yatra and Merlin perform an incredible number of shows throughout the year, from corporate gigs to music festivals and concerts. { more }